Our Mission

To promote and safe chemical management through the international responsible care initiatives in partnership with our members and other stakeholders.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • To anticipate and respond to government policy
  • Maintain effective communications and knowledge sharing for members of government and industry
  • stakeholders and to provide better service to members in effective dissemination of information, safety, health and environment issues and monitoring the national and international chemical industry scenario
  • Promote industry best practice
  • Provide safe chemical management information and resources
  • Maintain robust relationship with local chemical suppliers, distributers and users
    Be widely recognized as the Centre of excellence in Sri Lanka for safe chemical management

Focus Area

  • Responsible Care
  • Workplaces
  • Advocacy
  • Industrial and Agrochemicals
  • Emergency Management

The Role of LRCC

The LRCC is an association of companies/ stakeholders that have made a commitment to implement Responsible Care. The LRCC provides support to member companies to improve their Responsible Care activities through such measures as meetings where members can exchange information and experiences related to Responsible Care. Also the council promotes effective communications and knowledge sharing with the public and local communities and strives to strengthen its bonds of trust with society.